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Statistical Analysis System

• Developed database in projects with large, diverse, client data source files.

• Worked on the planning and coordination of work activity for projects involving more than 2 million records.

• Experience in SAS programming for auditing data, developing data, performing data validation QA and improve efficiency of SAS programs

• Managed multiple projects in a fast-paced environment meeting milestones and deliverable dates with no supervision.

• Explained and validated work results and insight applied to tools used for client analysis and documentation of SAS files and library structures.

• Utilized SAS to analyze real data provided by a Fortune 500 company.

• Collected and reviewed industry and competitor data and built customized databases.

• Performed regression analysis, basket analysis, segmentation analysis, and correlation analysis.

• Planned pricing, display, and coupon promotion strategies and designed an interactive presentation.

• Imported data from different sources in different formats such as Excel, CSV, and database file.

• Helped create efficacy and safety analysis ready datasets for oncology studies.

• Generated tables, listings, and graphs using PROC REPORT and PROC GPLOT.

• Created macros and used existing macros to develop SAS programs for clinical data analysis.

• Produced SAS outputs in RTF, PDF, CSV and HTML formats using Output Delivery System (ODS) facility.

• Reviewed and ensured analysis data and programming code to meet regulatory and company standards.